Homeless shelter

Oaza’s homeless shelter opened in Rijeka in April 2013. It is intended primarily for users from Rijeka and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. It has a capacity of 14 beds and provides our beneficiaries with temporary accommodation of 6 months to a year, during which period users can use our help to find permanent or other temporary accommodation. Beneficiaries have the possibility to stay in the premises of the Shelter 24 hours a day, one cooked meal a day on weekdays, and a dry meal from the Red Cross Rijeka’s folk kitchen on weekdays, the possibility of preparing small meals for breakfast and dinner, the possibility of maintaining personal hygiene, washing and drying laundry, participation in collecting food donations for breakfast and dinner and learning about living together. It is one form of reintegration of person into a particular society and the first step in the socialization of our beneficiaries.

During the stay with us, all beneficiaries will produce personal documents and receive all necessary information for achieving social rights in cooperation with the Center for Social Welfare Rijeka and the City of Rijeka from the City’s social program, as well as employment opportunities, retraining and additional education. Beneficiaries are provided with financial support in the preparation of documents but also in education and the recruitment process (for example transport to the place of work).

Beneficiaries are obliged to take care of the Shelter premises and to participate in cleaning and maintenance of the Shelter premises and inventory. They participate in creation of leisure time, make suggestions for and actively participate in occupational activities. The responsibility of the user IS ALSO adherence to the rules of the House Rules of the Shelter. They may also make suggestions for improving the work or living conditions at the Shelter.

According to the dynamics of changing the users of the Shelter so far, and considering the capacity of 14 beds, we take care for about 25 to 30 different users annually.

The aim of the Shelter is to offer adequate accommodation and security for people who at that moment are not able to accomplish it themselves and provide them with facilities that will help them to integrate more easily into society and become independent.

How to donate?

Thanks for taking care of us!

You can make a donation payment to our giro account, and for any other donation (food, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc.) contact us at any of our contacts.

IBAN: HR5124840081105650730

Recipient: Oaza Association, Krešimirova 12, Rijeka

Caller ID: Payer’s OIB

Payment Description: “Donation from: name / first name, address”



If you wish to remain anonymous, put 99 in the model calling number and donate in the description of payment.

Donation as a tax deduction

We need the personal information in the call number and payment description if you want to use the tax deductions you make through donating. At the end of the year, we will send you a confirmation of your donations paid to the address provided.

Grants are tax deductible expenses if they are made abroad for cultural, scientific, educational, health, humanitarian, sports, religious, ecological and other general purposes to associations and other persons who perform these activities in accordance with special regulations.

Natural persons may increase the personal allowance for given donations up to the amount of 2% of the receipts for which an annual tax return and determined income were filed in the previous year.

Legal entities recognize the donation as a tax deductible expense up to an amount less than 2% of the previous year’s total revenues.